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  • 型號:SK10PRO V4S
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Upgraded the Kit over 30 different points & details, get more performance, and lighter, and stronger improvements.

come with Single Short Battery Version Chassis with an nearly 100g lighter than previous version

continue to upgrade your previous version of S10B without getting all the new parts

  • 2 pcs easy remove Motor Mount design
  • 3 pcs Shock Body design, and the Shock Bodies are come with hard coated surface for durability
  • new Front & Rear Upper Desk, can remove the Center Cluthc with only 4 screws
  • new Center Slipper Cluthc design, stronger, better, and last longer; improved the durability of the Center Shaft and Springs
  • new Front & Rear Upper Desk design for flex force
  • new Capture Rear Center CVD design
  • Hard Coated T6 Aluminum Chassis
  • new improved Center Slipper Clutch System; the clutch can be adjusted without taking out the Center Clutch
  • 6061 Aluminum Light Weight design Front Upper Arm Holder
  • improved Capture Style Center CVD, protects the Pin comes out from high speed rotation
  • 12mm Light Weight 6061 Aluminum Wheel Hex Adaptor
  • Rear 6061 Aluminum Hub with Full adjustments for different track condition and driving performance
  • fast Motor Removable Motor Mount in 6061 Aluminum. 2pcs design
  • Steering Post Left & Right in 6061 Aluminum, improved driving performance on high speed conners
  • 6061 Aluminum Steering C Hub for performance durability
  • S4 Grade Material for the Hinge Pins, improved durability, Screw Type Hinge Pin system
  • Front Gear Box Extra Support protects from high speed impact damage on the Gear Box
  • 6061 Aluminum Steering Servo Holder for Stable and Precision driving on high speed tracks
  • Steering Link in Aluminum, sensitive & precision driving performance
  • Hard Treated Drive Cup, improved durability and last longer for the Brushless Powers
  • Full CVD throughout the Kit, easy & improve durability designs
  • improved Center Slipper Clutch 
  • Turnbuckle throughout the Kit

(Tyres are not included. )


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